Questions on Love

Today being February 13, my teaching partner and I decided to warm up our classes of graduate international students by asking them to write questions about love.  They left their names off their papers, passed their questions to us, and we read them out loud to the class.  Then they got in pairs to talk about a question of their choice.  We enjoyed how real and how universal these questions were.  I also love the poetry of the questions’ grammatical innocence.

What is the most important thing when we love someone?  What can we do our best for someone we love?

How to love a person for a long time?  In other words, how to keep passion to that person for a life?

How long can love exist?

Can one fall in love with two person at the same time?

How to love a family member you really hate?

Are family love and romantic love equal?

How the family do some special things make people feel love?

Do animals feel about love like human do?

How do a person who experienced love explain what love is to a person who never have love?

If a girl love a boy first, the girl should wait for the boy fall in love with her, or tell the boy she love him directly?

How can we be sure that we really love someone?

How do you know he or she loves you?

What is love called in this world?

At the end of the activity, one of our students asked us teachers about our Valentine’s Day plans.  We both admitted we would be working tomorrow night, and I found myself saying that it was really as a kid that I most enjoyed Valentine’s Day because of getting to make cards with red and pink construction paper and fancy doilies.  Here’s one for everyone.


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