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  • This Is Also Going On In The World

    This Is Also Going On In The World
  • Leaf Picking Along 10th Street

    Leaf Picking Along 10th Street

    This last day of September was a windy one, and more of fall’s fledgling foliage made its meandering way to the sidewalks, streets, and grassy margins of Arlington.  I was walking to a cafe to do some grading and found myself picking up leaves from the ground.  I’d been thinking about a project from my […]

  • Monuments & Meaning

    Monuments & Meaning

    Recent events remind me of a text/image research project I did a million years ago: The Local Confederate Monument on the Battle Field of the Public Sphere.  This was for the American Studies website at the University of Virginia, where I was a grad student.  If it looks like it was created when the internet […]

  • Begonia


    Rocket finned, red moon petaled and many mouthed, bursts bursting bursts, begonia, your hearts and spades and chicken feet flying saucer me.  Your artichoke blood bake sugar sprinkled tender leather paper lantern me, pink lip and baby finger tip me, begonia.

  • Balance


    Thank goodness for deadlines, or this post wouldn’t have happened.  At the same time, thank goodness for time and space.  Freedom and limitations both help me be creative.  As this busy time of the academic year reaches its peak, I look forward to the counterpoint of summer.  After a weekend of grading final projects, I […]

  • Patterns


    Patterns seem inherently meaningful. A pattern is like a language with its particular grammar, variations, and exceptions, a stylized combination of symbols. Fallen pine needles on a forest floor, the rhythm of a dripping faucet, the white lines and red crest of a pileated woodpecker, the striped leaves of a Dracaena are not so different […]

  • Questions on Love

    Questions on Love

    Today being February 13, my teaching partner and I decided to warm up our classes of graduate international students by asking them to write questions about love.  They left their names off their papers, passed their questions to us, and we read them out loud to the class.  Then they got in pairs to talk […]

  • Detained


    My husband was once detained at an airport—not taken into custody, but kept back from boarding.  We were leaving Kyrgyzstan after a three week visit with family, returning home to the U.S.  The staff at Manas Airport said something was wrong with Stas’s passport or visa—I don’t remember now—and wouldn’t let him board the plane.  […]

  • Reading Girl Out In The World

    Reading Girl Out In The World

    All month I’ve been hearing from family and friends of the arrival of Reading Girl, from California to the Carolinas.  And just in time for the holidays.  I’m so grateful to everyone who ordered a copy—or in some cases many copies—during the pre-sales period.  You made this book possible.  I’m also grateful to Finishing Line […]

  • Color Doodle

    Color Doodle

    I am old enough to know my numbers because Mom points to the black and white alarm clock on the bedside table and tells me I can wake her when it says 3-1-5.  She is trying to catch a nap while I play with her tin of necklaces—strings of beads and shells that clatter against […]